Duration: 1 Year Eligibility: 12th Pass

Duration: 1 Year Eligibility: 12th Pass

Duration: 1 Year Eligibility: 12th Pass

Duration: 6 Months Eligibility: 12th Pass

Duration: 6 Months Eligibility: 12th Pass

Air Hostess Courses in Ahmedabad

Delta Aviation is the perfect place for you if you have a dream of becoming an air hostess. We offer the best air hostess courses in Ahmedabad. Our training institute has trained 14000 students over the years and helped them fulfil their dreams. With our top-notch training and proven teaching methods, we are proud to be known as the best air hostess training institute in Ahmedabad.

Why Choose Delta Aviation for Air Hostess Courses in Ahmedabad?

Delta Aviation prepares you thoroughly for the job of an air hostess and teaches you how to handle each challenge in different ways wherever you go. With a goodwill and high success rate, our Ahmedabad air hostess training centre not only offers industry-specific knowledge but also covers everything as per the latest industry standard. We offer financial assistance in form of EMI and student loan to students who wish to enroll in our air hostess courses in Ahmedabad.  

What You Can Expect At Our Air Hostess Training Centre In Ahmedabad

Expert training: With years of experience and a track record of success, Delta Aviation offers comprehensive training to students about the aviation industry. The trainers become a guiding light for the students and help them secure promising career opportunities.

Comprehensive teaching: At Delta Aviation, we offer the best air hostess courses in Ahmedabad that include comprehensive knowledge and skills development sessions. We equip students with in-depth information about safety procedures and customer service. Our programs are designed to cover all aspects of the job. The course has been prepared by the subject experts with precision.

 Practical exposure in the real world: Our training courses help students experience the real-world scenario. We provide them the opportunity to visit hotels and other aviation-related establishments to get practical exposure and gain a deeper understanding of their role. 

World-Class Infrastructure: Delta Aviation welcomes you to its state-of-the-art facilities and world-class infrastructure at the Ahmedabad air hostess training centre. Our classrooms are well-equipped with modern amenities and offer an environment that promotes learning and growth.  

Build a network: We offer a chance to build a network with experienced industry professionals who can further help you in your career. Our diverse network is here to offer you a wealth of opportunities when you join Delta Aviation. 

With 12 years of experience and successful placement of more than 2000 students, Delta Aviation brings to you air hostess courses Ahmedabad that can help you become a successful air hostess. We offer an enhanced learning opportunity in the aviation industry and aim to empower the tourism and aviation industry. 

Register yourself with our air hostess courses in Ahmedabad and begin your journey of flying with Delta Aviation. 


1. What type of practical learning does Delta Aviation offer in their air hostess courses in Ahmedabad? 

Delta Aviation offers courses that include mock cabin crew exercises and role-playing scenarios to stimulate real-world situations. Learners learn how to use safety equipments through a perfectly curated in-flight training session. 

2. What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling in air hostess courses in Ahmedabad at Delta Aviation?

 The basic eligibility criteria for males and females who wish to enroll in the air hostess courses are

  • They must be between 18 to 26 years of age.
  • They must have passed from a recognized university or must be undergoing 12th grade. 
  • Males must be above 5.5 feet and females must be above 5.2 feet. 
  • They must not have any prominent scars, tattoos or birthmarks. 

3. Does Delta Aviation offer any financial aid or scholarships to students enrolling for their course at the Ahmedabad air hostess training centre?

Yes, Delta Aviation air hostess training centre offers EMIs and student education loan facilities to deserving students. You may inquire directly with the appropriate authority at Delta Aviation. 

Delta Aviation is the trusted air hostess training centre that offers top-quality aviation industry courses to its students. We have been awarded for playing the role of the best placement assistance role and for being the most successful aviation institute in India. We believe in maintaining professionalism and following all regulatory standards while providing the best education to our students. Inquire now!

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