Achieve Your Career Goals with a Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality from Delta Aviation

Achieve Your Career Goals with a Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality from Delta Aviation

Do you have a strong interest in the aviation and hospitality sectors? Do you envision yourself working in a position where you may travel the world, interact with a variety of people, and offer superior service? If so, a Delta Aviation Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality can be your key to a rewarding and interesting profession.

 Why Choose a Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality?

 A comprehensive and exciting one-year full-time programme, the Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management provided by Delta Aviation can lead to a world of prospects. By giving you a solid foundation in aviation and hospitality administration, this program will provide you the abilities and know-how you need to succeed in a variety of positions within these booming industries.

 Dual Advantage: Exploring Two Dynamic Industries

 One of the standout features of this Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality is the dual advantage it offers. As a student, you get to explore and thrive in both the aviation and hospitality industries. This is particularly valuable because these sectors are closely intertwined, and having knowledge in both can significantly boost your career prospects.

 Comprehensive Curriculum

 The Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality curriculum was thoughtfully designed to include a broad range of topics pertinent to both industry.

     Introduction: An intro of the aviation and hospitality industries.

     Spoken English: Enhance your communication skills, a vital asset in customer-facing roles.

     Grooming Guidelines: Learn the art of presenting yourself professionally.

     Aviation Terminology: Familiarize yourself with the language of aviation.

     Front Office Department: Gain insights into hotel operations and guest services.

     Housekeeping Department: Understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in hospitality.

     Food and Beverage Department: Explore the culinary side of hospitality.

     Airline Security: Learn about the critical aspects of ensuring passenger safety.

     Dangerous Goods Training: Understand the handling and transportation of hazardous materials.

     Load and Trim Training: Discover the science behind balancing an aircraft.

     Cargo Management: Get insights into the logistics of cargo operations.

     Airline Ticketing: Master the art of booking and managing airline tickets.

     Airline Reservation: Understand the reservation systems used in the aviation industry.

     Ground Staff Training: Prepare for a career on the ground, assisting passengers.

     Grooming: Continue to refine your professional appearance.

     Personality Development: Grow personally and professionally.

     Check-in and Baggage Handling: Learn the ins and outs of passenger check-in and luggage handling.

     Interview Preparation: Get ready to shine in job interviews.


 With a Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality from Delta Aviation, you can turn your passion into a fulfilling career. This comprehensive program, with its dual advantage and diverse curriculum, ensures that you are well-prepared to achieve your career goals and make a mark in these dynamic sectors. Don’t miss the chance to take your first step towards an exciting and prosperous future in aviation and hospitality

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